Photo Gallery

A Girl Named JoceLyn

Pictures of my Grandaughter, Jocelyn. Most Pictures taken with cell phones by her Mom and Dad.

Pool and Billiards

Pictures related to Pool and Billiards. Several of these I took in total darkness using a couple of flashlights and the camera set to 15 second exposure. My first attempt at "Painting with Light". They turned out much better than I expected for the first attempt at this. I never got around to doing more, so not sure if was beginners luck or it really is easy to do. My guess is it's easy.


Pictures of Feral Cats that live outside. The dead mouse picture is the present the ferals left in their food dish one night to show they earn their keep. The White cat is my daughters cat, Kooga. She lives inside, with her arch enemy Lucy. Kooga and Lucy are not ferals. Lucy has her own gallery below.


Photos of some of my favorite cars from a time gone bye. Most of these cars are from pictures I took at local car shows. Cars are like flowers, easy to photograph. If you can identify any without a model and year, or with incorrect model and year, and I'll make the corrections.


Photo's of some of my favorite Dogs I've had the pleasure of knowing over the years. Dogs, like all animals, are rather easy to photograph, or at least they always look good in pictures. Some dogs, like Scooter, would jump up and down, charge and bark at the camera the minute he saw you were taking pictures. When I meet him in the next life, I'll ask him what the was up with that?


Favorite Flower Flicks from our Garden and Deck. Flowers are easy to photograph. They hang out in the sun and don't move around much. All you need do is wait for a wind-less day and you are in.


Photo's if Veggies from our Garden and Lawn. Veggies are even easier to photograph than flowers since the wind doesen't move them around much. The mushrooms pop up in my lawn after a rainy spell. The hard part is getting down on the ground to get the pictures (getting up is the hard part). A rotating LCD screen is a big help with the mushrooms.


Landscape Photos, loosly defined. Landscapes are tough to define, and tougher to take. Like people pics, landscapes give me a hard time, not sure why. I think you need really good gear, and a lot of expertise to get good landscape photo's. You would think since landscapes are out side, in bright sunlight, and tend to not move around much, they would be easy, like flowers. Nope, not for me anyway. Don't expect much from me here, I'm surprised I managed to find any in this catagory to put up.


Pictures of my buddy Lucy. Lucy was found stashed under the cross member of my truck after I drove her around for at least 3 days, wondering what the god-awful sound was when I parked. She was so small we had to feed her with an eye dropper. Now she either thinks I'm her daddy, or her god. She won't leave me out of her sight. Her full name is Lucille Ball, Middle name Fur. You can call her Luci-fur, Fur-Ball or just Lucy, but ya doesn't have to call her Lucille.

Wild Life

Pictures of Wildlife of Course. Wildlife is a great subject to photograph. Animals always look great in photo's, unlike people. People you can take a ton of photo's and be lucky to get one good one. The better looking the person, particularly females, the less likely you are to get even one great looking photo. I've seen good looking people pictures, just never managed to capture one. Much easier to stick with the critters...

Wood Work

Pictures of my work shop and some of my Wood Work. I kinda got out of woodwork a good while ago. I still have my shop but when I was really into wood, I wasn't much into photography. I always enjoy looking at other workshops, so I've included some photo's of mine in here.