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The Addiction

I've been addicted to Billiards, pool actually, for many years. Besides playing pool, I fueled my addiction by participating in the newsgroup Rec Sport Billiard (RSB). That group is pretty much dead now, but I saved a few of the posts that I thought were worth keeping around. They are in the top menu item on the left under Pool Articles., AZBilliards and YouTube now afford all pool addicts the ability to watch all the pool they can handle. I have a large HD smart tv that gets YouTube videos and a Roku Stick that gets YouTube and AZBilliards video's as well as Ustream LIVE matches. I'm no longer dependant on ESPN or any mainstream media for my pool fix. I strongly urge everyone that loves pool to at least go to Youtube and watch some of the great players show how it's done.

A Roku stick cost me about $49 and works with any TV as long as you have a wifi connection. YouTube is built in to ROKU but Ustream requires you add a channel. In your browser, log into your myROKU account and go to ADD a channel. Enter the code for USTREAM (IN4DN). (The code is found at Hidden Channels under Ustream by "nowhereman"). Next when you go to ROKU on your TV, a green USTREAM channel will appear. Here you can do searches for "Pool" and "billiards" and any USTREAM live pool streams will show up. Also scroll through the live offerings as occassionally pool events show up there and not in searches.

It's really nice watching great pool matches on a big screen HD TV. If you don't wanna spend the money on a roku, or a smart tv, then you can watch LIVE USTREAM matches and Youtube AZBilliards recorded matches on your PC.

Aficionado's need to tune into and look for live pool/billiards events. Some are fantastic, some not so good, but the video and commentating just keeps getting better. Be sure to support all those that provide the support to bring us these events. Right now, Diamond Tables, Simonis Cloth, Predator Cues are always there, along with lots of cue makers and other small businesses. These folks need to know you notice, and they deserve our business when we spend money on pool.