This site is about what interests me, Billiards, Photography and Woodwork. A lot of cat photos, mainly because they are all around me, and are easy to photograph. Same with flowers and birds.

Originally, in the 1980's this was a FidoNet BBS. When the Internet came to life, the BBS scene quickly died and some sysop's transformed their BBS's into Internet Sites. I created this one just to get the hang of how things worked, and here, more than 20 years later, Jack's Free Lunch still exists, and for much the same reason. In 2015 I updated the site, removing links to FidoNet, OS/2 and all the good stuff that was at one time in the forefront of computing gear heads. I changed the look of the site completely, changing it from a frames based site to a more standard html site. I've increased use of CSS and Javascipt to control the site, which helps simplify changes and makes the site work well with moble devices, but can get a bit confusing for a self-taught old man that doesn't do much coding anymore. That's half the fun though, which, after all, is the main reason I'm here.

The site still contains links to stuff that interests me, which at the moment includes Billiards, Photography and Wood Working.   Here you will find lots of LINKS to billiards and woodworking sites. If you have similar interests, you might find them useful as well. Truth is, todays search engines and the speed of everything makes this really outdated. You can look stuff up faster than finding it on a page of links, or even in your browsers bookmarks. Still, there is something to be said for having a page of links for particular subjects. Let me know if/when you find dead links.

The Photo Gallery contains photo's I've taken over the years. I put them up primarily for... well, just for my pleasure. Feel free to browse them and hopefully get some enjoyment out of them as well. I'm certainly not a photographer though, not sure photography is even a hobby of mine. I enjoy taking pictures, but I enjoy editing them as much or more than taking them. If you stumble over a photo you particularly like, or don't like, feel free to drop me an . All comments are welcome.